Upcoming Events


Winter Classes Currently Underway

Marine Engine Maintenance
January 5 - March 8

January 6 - March 24

Boat Handling
January 7 - March 4

Marine Electrical Systems
January 11 - March 8

Junior Navigation
January 12 - March 23

January 11 - February 11

Winter Classes Upcoming

Advanced Piloting
March 8 - April 8

Monthly General Meetings

Our next regular monthly general meeting will be

February 8, 1830

Virtual Meeting via ZOOM

Refer to email agenda for meeting ID and pass code

Members and Guests Welcome.


Virtual Meeting via ZOOM

 2nd Monday morning of each Month September through May
0830 start; approx 1030 finish

All members are welcome to attend if they wish.

Refer to emailed agenda for Meeting ID and pass code