2019 Cruising Schedule  & Guide

A Burgee

2019 /2020 Cruising Schedules

We enjoyed a very successful cruising year this past summer of 2019!
Many Cruisers joined in on the fun and at times we had upwards of twelve boats. 
Some folks joined in along the way while others departed for their own destinations.
A  HUGE thank you to Ray Madsen, 2019 Cruise Director, for the aggressive & fun filled schedule this year,  involving Cruise Captains on each Cruise
and arranging for activities at destinations made for interesting Ports of Call.  
Sandy Stem & Wendy Schmidt are our new 2020 Co-Cruise Directors.  They have been busy planning our 2020 Schedule and looking for Cruise Captains for individual Cruises.  If you are willing to be a Cruise Captain please contact them to volunteer.  They will appreciate it.
The 2020 Cruising schedule will soon be posted,
so you can start making your summer plans

Last Updated:    January 10, 2020

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