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Clinics and Seminars


Boating Clinics for Fall-Winter-Spring 2023-2024

America’s Boating Club of the North Olympic Peninsula in partnership with Port Angeles Yacht Club is presenting a series of 2 hour classes on topics of interest to recreational sailors, boaters and fishing enthusiasts.

These FREE classes will be the first Saturday of each month from 10:00 am to 12:00.

Location: Port Angeles Yacht Club, 1305 Marine Drive, just west of Port Angeles Boat Haven.


  • Saturday November 4.
  • Where am I and where are you?
  • A history and description of these two technologies which are especially important to mariners.

Chart Plotting on the cheap

  • Saturday December 2.
  • A discussion of computer, tablet and cell phone chart plotter software.
  • OpenCPN will be described and information on how to download, install and use it to find your way on the water.

Crossing borders and extended Cruising

  • Saturday January 6.
  • Latest information about requirements for cruising into Canada and returning to the USA.
  • This session will touch on topics about where to go and how to get there, and how to prepare for extended times on your boat.

Communications Systems and Antenna considerations

  • Saturday February 3.

Fishing for Cruisers

  • Saturday March 2.
  • Types of gear needed, license requirements and techniques for catching your dinner.

Food for Cruisers

  • Saturday April 6.
  • Now that you’ve caught that fish, how do you prepare it and serve it to keep your crew happy.
  • Tips on shopping, storing, preparing food for your cruise.

Cruising safety

  • Saturday May 4.
  • Anchoring, docking, avoiding trouble.
  • It will either be a good experience or a good story!