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WELCOME to our 2018 Gallery
Dinner Meetings, Activities, Education Classes and CRUISING!!

ANNUAL FALL PICNIC Meeting -  approximately 50 members enjoyed this year's annual potluck picnic.  NOSPS supplies the entree, drinks and paper supplies and members bring the sides and desserts.  Delicious food once again!  Great fun catching up after the summer.

    EDUCATION - Presenting Certificates for Successful Completion of Classes

Fall of 2018 Classes - September through December

Winter/Spring of 2018 Classes - January through May

EDUCATION - Classes & Clinics

New Photos and Albums will be added as we host Events throughout the year.  To see photos from prior years,         Archives 2017 or Archives 2015/16


      Safety Demonstrations - Gumby Suits, Man Overboard

February Dinner Meeting was very different - in lieu of a Speaker we Showcased the Talents, Collections and Projects of our members.  We really enjoyed getting to know more about our members.  We had 29 displays.   Thanks to all who participated and attended.  


Desolation Sound Cruise - September

5 Boats left JWM setting out for Desolations Sound.  We made overnight moorage at Prevost enjoying beverages on Rhumba Girl.  We then anchored at Montague, then moored at Nanaimo and Powell River enjoying each stopover and nice weather.  On the morning we leave Powell River for the entrance to Desolation Sound, an approx 20 knot journey, one boat's engine alarm goes off.  Being assisted by two of the other boats, back into the marina they limped.  After determining all would be ok but they would not be able to proceed but rather make their way slowly home, two boats chose to accompany them homeward (although they were very much encouraged to continue on) and two boats continued on to their destination.  What  fantastic weather and scenery they experienced.  Once in a lifetime could it be that perfect!  What an experience!  After seeing their photos and hearing of their time there, it made all the rest want to go and soon!  So a trip was planned for the spring while making their way homeward.

Cruising toward and from Desolation Sound

South Sound Cruise 

Pleasant Harbor Cruise

Shakedown Cruise - San Juan Islands - Friday Harbor, Stuart Island and Rosario

Random NOSPS Member Cruising Photos