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Washington State Marine Parks

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission has the largest state-managed mooring system
in the nation, with more than 40 marine parks and more than 8,500 feet of public moorage space for your
enjoyment of Washington's waterways.

COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS when crossing the Canadian / US Border in either directions. Sometimes only one or two questions are asked; other times many detailed questions are asked.  It helps to be prepared prior to calling. Fill in your personal information and keep a copy on your boat for easy access prior to calling.  Form supplied by Instructor Randy Roberts of the CROSSING THE BORDERS Clinic.  CLICK HERE FOR THE FORM.

File your Float Plan

Be Safe. File your float plan.  Use this Coast Guard Float Plan or devise your own.

Magnetic North on the Move
and why we should not be worried about it

Additional Tips and Resources will continue to be added.

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Guaranteed to see Blue Herons

Sunset at Wallace Island, BC 250 pix per in JPG

Beautiful Sunsets in the PNW


John Wayne Marina - Pot of Gold Rainbow