Weather & Waves


New Dungeness LightHouse - current weather conditions

John Wayne Marina - current weather 

Washington Marine Forecast

National Buoy Center - NOAA website

Current Atlas Tables - Lookup Tables (2018 -2020)

L-36 - Weather & General Information

rough waters in Sequim

Pacific Northwest Tide and Current Stations

This free site provides tide and current information from all reporting
stations in the Salish Sea. These predictions can be retrieved
on a daily basis in graph form and can be found for months
in advance.

UW Atmospheric Sciences — Northwest Radar Loop

From the University of Washington this map shows a continuous time loop of radar detected precipitation from Oregon to all of Vancouver Island. Shows intensity and direction of travel of rain and snow storms.

Wind Observation Map - North West United States

This map shows wind, temperature, weather, visibility, and pressure over the Pacific Northwest. Placing the cursor over each reporting point displays the latest reported conditions.

Seattle-Tacoma Radar | Weather Underground

This radar site shows a continuous loop of the last hour's track and intensity of precipitation that has occurred in western Washington from Yakima West to the Pacific ocean and from the Oregon border up to mid-Vancouver Island.