Upcoming EVENTS

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Register early for classes please.  To register use the contact form found under the Education tab on the Menu.

Electronic Navigation
Instructors: Ray Madsen, Bruce Cutting, Randy Roberts
Location:  Sequim Bay Yacht Club
Date & Time: starts 8 Oct, meets every Tue from 1000 - 1200, ends 10 Dec, skipping week of 25 Nov for Thanksgiving
Fee: $70/$140 (member/non-member)
Boat Handling (formerly Seamanship)
Instructors: Nila Madsen, Sandy Stem
Location:  Sequim Bay Yacht Club
Date & Time:  starts 10 Oct, meets every Thurs from 1300 - 1500, ends 12 Dec, skipping week of 25 Nov for Thanksgiving
Fee:  $70/$140 (member/non-member) 
ABC  - two day course; obtain mandatory Washington State Boater Education Card
Instructors: Duane Webb + cast)
Location: Port Angeles Yacht Club
Date & Time:  26/27 Oct, 0830 - 1700 both days
Fee:  $60
Planned for Winter (dates & times TBD):
Instructors: Ray Madsen, Randy B-L, &/or others
Location: SBYC
Date & Time: starts January, 8 - 9 weeks long
Fee:  $80/$160 (member/non-member)
Cruise Planning
Instructor: Steve Allen
Location: SBYC
Date & Time: starts January, 8 weeks long
Fee: $65/$130 (member/non-member)
Instructors: Mike Witkin, Chuck Lamb
Location: SBYC
Date & Time: starts March, 8 - 9 weeks long
Fee:  $60/$120 (member/non-member)
Marine Communication Systems
Instructors: Bruce Cutting, others
Location: SBYC
Date & Time: starts January, 8 - 9 weeks long
Fee: $60/$120 (member/non-member)
Instructor Development
Location: SBYC
Date & Time: starts January, 7 weeks long
Fee:  $60/$120 (member/non-member)
**Additional Courses or hof Courses offered may occur depending on attendees and demand.
Contact your SEO Duane Webb or ASEO Randy Blackburn-Lappin through the contact form on the Education page if you have any questions or comments.






On the Water Opportunities for ALL Members

Do you want to experience a short sailing opportunity, fishing opportunity or a Power Boat cruise
around the bay this summer?

Would you like to have an experienced Paddler show you the basics of paddling and share safety tips
on how to be a safe paddler?

We would like to get ALL our members that would like to out on the water this summer!

If you haven't enjoyed time on a boat in awhile, or ever, here is an opportunity provided for you.
Just let us know which of these opportunities you would like to take part in.

A number of our boat owners have volunteered to use their boats and time to provide this opportunity.
If you would like to offer your boat and time as well for one or two trips out on the bay,
it would be very much appreciated!  We need more volunteers.  Please let us know!

We also are looking for 3 Volunteers to over see each of the Sailing, Fishing & Power Boating, compiling a lists of Boaters and a list of guests who wish to participate.

Also one or two volunteers to share paddling practices and safety tips for these waters.

Click this link  to view a couple examples of how this will work!

ANNUAL PICNIC - September 7th

Mark your Calendars!  More information will be available soon!

to be held at the Port Angeles Yacht Club.  Picnic food, Safety Practices, and Friendly Competitions for Prizes.  Come join in the fun and catch up with each other after summer!  See you there!

(Please let our Admin. Officer, Steve Allen, know if you are willing to volunteer with organizing, setting up, etc. for the picnic.)

Monthly Dinner Meetings

Our first regular monthly dinner meeting will be

Monday, October 14th

located at the Banquet Room of the Cedars Golf & Country Club.

Information on our Menu, $$, Speaker, etc will be available soon.

Next Bridge Meeting - September  tbd


Hosted at Sunland Golf & Country Club, 109 Hilltop Dr, Sequim, WA 98382

 2nd Monday morning of each Month September through May
0830 start; approx 1030 finish

  • The meeting room at Sunland is complimentary dependant on attendees breakfast purchases.  Come early (0800) to order breakfast prior to the meeting start.
    All members are welcome to attend if they wish.