Poulsbo Rendezvous

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in the New Year to  find out what the Theme will be for the 2018 Poulsbo Rendezvous.
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2017 THEME - "Boating with your Tunes"

Our chosen "Boating Tune" is:
the Opening Theme Song for Gilligan's Island !! 

            Just sit right back and you'll hear some tales.... of our Castaway Crew 

The Docktail Party - each Squadron invited to serve their choice of hors d' oeuvres that reflects their favorite "nautical song".  Decorating of Boats and costumes are encouraged (but not necessary).
Prizes awarded for the best presentation of a nautical song.

The District 16 Rendezvous is held in Poulsbo.  It is a central location for all squadrons to meet.  Members cruise to the marina, or drive. Some stay overnight and some attend during the day only.  It is typically a Friday, Saturday Event with most people departing on Sunday for other destinations or to return home.  A different Squadron hosts the event each year.  Friday evening usually means docktails - a theme for food, attire and decorating your boat is assigned.  People walk the dock sampling the foods provided by each Squadron and socialize.  Fun and relaxing. On Saturday typically  short classes are offered aboard boats and in buildings culminating in a dinner  and silent auction on Saturday night.  It can be of fun.

Poulsbo Rendezvous 2017
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(FYI - we do not always "dress" for the Rendezvous.  It depends on the theme each year.  It is also OPTIONAL!  This particular year, there were many Gilligans, Skippers, Loveys, Thurston Howells, etc as there were four Squadrons that chose Gilligan's Island as there theme!)